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Submitted Testimonials:

From: becky bushnell

I met Mike and Ginger while working at a photo lab in Dallas,Texas. They both are wonderful people. I love you both! Becky

From: John Wiltse

I had the humbling privilege of meeting Mike briefly on Saturday. Ironically, it was Memorial Day weekend. As a history buff and a generally empathetic person, I wanted terribly to just sit with him and listen to his stories, just be in his presence. What a life! It hurt me so that people who walked in the museum door would just pass him by; "just another entrepreneur," they'd think. Boy, if they knew who they were missing! I bought his book and began reading yesterday. I am eager to get to know him more and more as I continue to read. Thank you, Mike, for your sacrifice and being so vulnerable with your experiences to the world. Maybe we'll meet again. Many blessings...

From: bekah medina

i met mike this weekend on sunday may 26 i bought his book and so looking foward to reading it i wish i couldve stayed longer to ask mike questions about what he went through during this very sad time period in history i have so much respect for mike i hope i can one day see you again to talk about your book

From: Bryce

I met Mike on January 26, 2013 And my mom pointed in the muesuem and said look a SURVIVOR! i was paralyzed , Mike later told me we could come and vist, and we came, and he and his lovely wife Ginger were such wonderful people , (my first reaction of when he came out of his bedroom was how could a lovely man be gone through hell and be okay?)Mike believed in Hope! Sincerly, Bryce Hall

From: Jose Martins

I could not begin to put into words the impact Mr. Jacobs story had on me. What a horrible waste of our own humanity. It really shames me to think of the trivial things we fret about in our lives each day. All that really matters is love and compassion for those around us. We are not black, white, Asian or Russian. We are not man or woman. We are not Jewish, Catholic, Islamic or the other. We all people; God's children. May God bless you Mr. Jakubowicz. JMartins

From: Stephanie Bechter (MA)

I had the pleasure of meeting Mike and his lovely wife Ginger today at the Doctor's office I am externing at! I was so surprised when she handed me a little flyer that was informing me about his book. I was in shock because he looks great to have been through his life struggles, they are absolutely amazing people and I wish I could have had more time to talk to him but the moments we had I will cherish, especially the memory of his laugh! I can't wait to get his book :) hope to see you again one day <3

From: Robert Culpepper

I met Mike at the Museum, I took 12 kids from our church. They learned a lot in the museum and we stopped and talked with him. He shared some life stories and challenged us to always persevere over every circumstance that come at us. The real lesson came when I opened his book. Thank you Mike for sharing everything, your life has made an impact on many people.

From: Therese kirkpatrick

I'm always amazed at the hope and faith survivors have. I've lived a tough life but easy by comparison. Thank you for all you do. God bless you

From: Valerie Sandoval

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Jacobs today and I purchased his book. Me and my 10yr old son have really enjoyed reading this book and hearing his testimony. God Bless Mr. Jacobs, survivors and families of those affected in this tragedy.

From: Kevin

Mike jacob is a amazing man !! I met him at the Dallas Holocaust museum and he is very nice ! I hope his legacy lives on forever.

From: Mr. Kris Kemper

Dear Mike Jacobs, I will never forget the impact you made my life 1981 ,sharing his real life stories about the holocaust, his life in the camps and his entire family being murdered in the camps of Nazi Germany,And the american troops freeing him in May 1945. . I remember him saying to my classmates and I .We must "NEVER FORGET" tell everyone you can. If we forget it can happen again! Thank You Mike Jacobs for visiting my high school in Dallas and changing so many lifes. I'am proud to call you a friend.

From: Dan Taylor

Back in 1979, I worked for Mike building a small library. I did work all around the home as well. He was one of the kindest men I've ever met. He told me he had been in a prison camp during the Holocaust, I have all respect for him, I don't know if they still have that library and think of me from time to time but his story will be in my mind till the day I die. The way humans treated humans, we need to be careful not to allow history to repeat it's self. Shalom !

From: Brianna Vergel

I met Mike Jacobs when me and my school went to the Holocaust museum 4 years ago and now as a sophomore in high school learning of the holocaust I remember the book I bought from him and when I met him I got him to autograph the version of his book I bought

From: Julie S. Smith

I work at Northeast Texas Community College in Mt. Pleasant, TX. Several years ago Mr. Jacobs came to our campus and told his very impressive story. A few years later I visited the Dallas Holocaust Museum, and I was SO pleased to see Mr. Jacobs again that day. He signed his book for me, which was so special. I have just heard of Mr. Jacob's passing, and my condolences go to his family. I also got to meet Mrs. Jacobs on our campus that day, and that was a treat as well. I am so sad to hear of his passing, but so thankful for his life and his witness as a Holocaust survivor. He impressed upon us to never let anyone say the Holocaust did NOT happen, because we heard about it from a man who was there. His story and survival are clear evidence that the Nazis did NOT succeed, and I am very grateful to have heard his story from him. Very sincerely, Julie S. Smith

From: Dee Dee Harrington

I had the honor of meeting Mike at the museum about 12 years ago. I was in school to be a teacher and noticed him just standing quietly so I asked him if he would autograph my book, which he happily agreed to do. When I told him I was going to become a teacher he was so enthusiastic and asked if I'd like to "interview" him for the paper I was writing for my dimensional learning class. I couldn't believe it! For two hours we sat on a couch and he just told me his story. I didn't, and couldn't, say a word. There are no words to express how honored I am to have had this most humbling of experiences. It is by far the most impactful experience I have had, or ever will have in my entire life and being in his presence profoundly influenced my view of life and history.

From: nicole

I had the honor of meeting Mike Jacobs twice. The first time I met him was back in 2011 ( when I was 11 & in the fifth grade) I had also just learned about the holocaust that year.My dad took my family and I to the Dallas holocaust museum and suddenly Mike tapped my dad's shoulder and pointed out a picture of himself on a train and said " that's me ". We were shocked and talked for a bit, took pictures together, bought 2 books by him and got them signed. A few years passed, I was in the 8th grade/ 14 years old and It was January of 2014. We had to do a project over the holocaust and I had the bright idea of interviewing Mike Jacobs so I could show the class. I went to his house January 29th, 2014. My whole school/all teachers/principle were impressed and everyone enjoyed it. ( I'm a sophomore now in high school 15, almost 16) Mike Jacobs is an incredible guy who went through the worse but still managed to smile and leave an outstanding mark on this world. Even though he went through hell in those prison camps, lost family,and got tortured, He still somehow had so much hope and was definitely one of the happiest human beings I've ever met. Rest in peace Mike Jacobs, to the man who definitely is a hero and someone I look up to. Remember no matter what, you can over come anything if you put your heart to it and have hope/believe in yourself.